Explore the Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean- Haiti!  

Travelers are rediscovering the allure of Haiti- a tropical and rugged place that offers up great adventure, incredible food and stunning landscapes with warm sandy beaches and vast mountain ranges that kiss the sky.


Get familiar with the artisan culture, savor the creole cuisine, connect with friendly locals, find metal artisan treasures at Croix Des Bouquet, volunteer with young artists at the ACFFC, explore the outdoors from Bassin Bleu to Kabic Beach.  Fall a little more in love each day as we pull back the veil on this extraordinary country.


From the charm of the seaside town of Jacmel to the magnificence of the 200 yr old Citadel in the north, from the bustling Iron Market to the turquoise waters of Bassin Bleu.... We've got you covered.  


Discover what everyone is talking about!  Let's Go!!

Its a big world out there-

Explore it.  Celebrate it.  Make your adventures count. 

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