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Adventures abound in Haiti.   

From far and wide, come adventurous travelers seeking a rugged and exciting landscape, a place of depth and charm, progress and solutions, incredible artists and opportunities, a place bursting with color, authenticity and soul.  The treasures of Haiti are truly beyond the imagination.  Discover what everyone is talking about.

Where to next? 




Explore the french inspired, seaside town of Jacmel. Likened to the New Orleans of Haiti, this vibrant community is known for it's incredible art scene, carnival celebrations and sandy beaches.  Pop into artists' studios to check out the local papier mâché creations.  Wander past colourful mosaics on every wall.  Find your island rhythm in a Haitian folklore dance and drumming class.  Sink your toes deep in the warm sand at Kabic Beach.  Dive into the magical blue pools of Bassin Bleu. Make new friends at the Art Creation Foundation for Children. Start your day with yoga and end it with a sunset swim. Jacmel, is a favorite and captures the heart of every artist.  


Cap Haitien



The north of Haiti is ready to impress- travelers will marvel at the stunning mountains, turqouise ocean waters, local artistst, freshly caught seafood, live music and the incredible history that lives inside the 200 year old Citadel fort, perched on the most majestic of mountaintop.  Visit our young friends and learn all about the amazing Streethearts Organization for at risk youth.

Learn to make local flatbread- kasava as you dream of hosting a Haitian-Caribbean themed dinner party for your friends back home.  Stand in awe of the Sans Souci Palace. Get a grasp on Haiti's history and deep roots. Cap Haiten always delivers, and then some.

Port Au Prince


Discover the capital city of Port Au Prince and it's fast, urban- island pace!   Colorful tap taps pass each other, scooters darting in and out of the busy traffic, vendors carrying and displaying their goods throughout the streets.  Art plasters the walls, life hustles and bustles all around you in the most impressive, organized way at warp speed. Visit Haiti Communitere.  Learn about the challenges that Haiti faces today- in addition to the inspiring progress, people and solutions in the works.  Find metal treasures at the fascinating artisan village of Croix des Bouquet.  Even shop for traditional vodou gifts at the Iron Market.  Dance the Night Away. Fill up on Creole Cusine and Culture.