Traveling with Lets Go to Haiti is the best way to get up close and personal with the "Pearl of the Antilles".  Cultural exchange, adventure and sustainable travel with a positive impact is our mission.  We bring people together from all over the globe to create unforgettable memories and lifelong connections in Haiti.  This trip belongs on everyone's bucket list!

Meet our Team!

Jean Cyril Pressoir

Tour Guide, Founder of Tour Haiti 


Jean Cyril Pressoir is a native of Port Au Prince & the Founder of Tour Haiti.  He is our dedicated and tireless guide.  All who know him, agree that he is an amazing storyteller, a very charming version of an encyclopedia and certainly, a bonafide expert on Haiti. With Cyril as your guide, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into the history and politics, culture and beauty, evolution and progress, and ultimately, the heart and soul of Haiti.  He's also been known to divulge special techniques on how to massage and drink a mango, how many stars to choose with your Barbancourt rum and around the holidays, he will share with you the delicious significance of pumpkin soup.  Cyril's expertise and care is second to none.  All that, plus he's got a great eye for photography.  

Listen to Cyril speak about Haitian Vodou flags in this Video from our Dec 2013 trip.


Follow Cyril on instagram @tourhaiti.  Be sure to follow him around Haiti too!



Tara Phillips

Executive Director, Lets Go to Haiti 


Tara Phillips is the Founder of Lets Go to Haiti which offers customized, cultural adventures through Haiti.  Always an avid traveler, Tara was delighted to discover Jacmel & the ACFFC in March of 2012.  Shortly after and full of inspiration, she founded Lets Go to Haiti with the mission to continue supporting the arts, education and tourism in Haiti. Originally from Seattle, Tara holds a degree from the University of WA in Business & Marketing.  Now residing between Seattle and Los Angeles, she is a dedicated advocate for Haiti, the arts and education.  Also a licensed Realtor, Tara created a program called My Home Gives Back which matches top real estate agents to buyers and sellers nationwide.  Upon every home closing the program makes a large donation to the ACFFC and/or the client's favorite charity. Tara and Rumi agree, "Travel brings power and love back into your life".  


Follow Tara on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @letsgotohaiti 




Lizandra Vidal

Yoga Teacher, Ayiti Yoga


Lets Go to Haiti partners with yoga teacher, Lizandra Vidal.  Native to Washington DC, yet now living in Port Au Prince, she has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 14 years.  She has two 200-hour certifications and has done another 300 hours of advanced training with master teachers from the US and India.  She started practicing yoga while working a stressful job as a corporate trainer in the late 90’s and it changed her life.  Soon she decided she wanted to share it with others through teaching. Her life passion is helping people discover their inner and outer strength and to live more aware and healthy lives.  In collaboration with Lizandra, Lets Go to Haiti also will collaborate on Youth Empowerment via Yoga in Haiti, in addition to hiring local teachers that she has trained to guest teach on our trips.  Discover how Lizandra has been bringing the transformational power of yoga to the youth of Haiti in this video on our partner page. 

Lisa Rueff

YogaVentures, Yoga Teacher 


Lets Go to Haiti partners with Yoga teacher, Lisa Rueff, who has been to Haiti over ten times since the earthquake in 2010.   Lisa has been leading international trips for over 10 years. She has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for global causes, focusing on sustainable solutions to provide basic needs for women and children.  Lisa has been featured and published in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Origin Magazine, The Examiner, Marin Magazine, Ode and more. Leading international yoga and service trips abroad, she encourages her students to discover the joys of philanthropy and volunteer work.  She is committed to the continuing support and revitalization of the beautiful, seaside town of Jacmel. She is also actively engaged in the efforts of Michael Franti’s, Do it For the Love Foundation.  Lisa’s huge heart and joy are evident in all that she does! 

Alexx Thompson

Lets Go to Haiti, Art & Film Director


Alexx Thompson is an independent freelance travel photographer, director, cinematographer based in Los Angeles.  He serves as the Film Director & Editor for Lets Go to Haiti.  He has traveled to Haiti with us to capture photography and film, also editing and producing various projects such as the "Haiti Harvest Moon" video from our Dec 2013 trip to Jacmel.  Alexx brings an extra edge of artistry, skill and passion to our mission of sharing the beauty of Haiti with the world!  


Learn more about his work at  

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